Home Selling Advice - Selecting a Realtor

Tips on how to select the best Realtor.

Which Realtor do you choose?

Like many other people you may go for the Realtor who values your home the highest. After all if you can get this price it would be great and if it does not sell then you can always lower the price at a later date.

But watch out, a well know Realtor practice for obtaining listings is called "buying a listing". The Realtor suggests a high price knowing full well that you will not get that price, they then later persuade you to lower the listing price to a more reasonable level.

Realtors do this for one of two reasons.

  1. They may feel pressured by the owner who believes that their home is worth more.
  2. They do this to deceive the owner knowing that they have a better chance of getting the listing if they provide a high valuation.
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