Home Buying Advice - Contents of the Home Listing Contract

What you can expect to be included in a listing contract..

Home Listing Contracts

The listing contract contains many things, of course one of them is the name of the owner/seller and the address of the home to be sold. Also included are the listing price and general terms of the sale.

You examine many different criteria when determining the listing price, you look at comparable sales in your area for similar homes, take into account market conditions, how soon you need to sell etc. If you set the price too high then you run the risk of having a prolonged sale, if you set it too low then you may financially lose out.

Also included in the contract is a list of items that will be included in the home sale, for example, window coverings, appliances etc. Be aware that anything that is attached is deemed part of the sale unless otherwise stated in the contract. Some examples of these fixtures could be lighting fixtures, mounted speakers etc.

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