Home Selling Advice - Preliminary Marketing of Your Home

What preliminary marketing a Realtor will perform when you list your home for sale.

Preliminary Marketing

When you purchased your home, the chances are you used the services of a Realtor. Now it is time sell your house or condo and you require the services of a Realtor again. Many people who are selling their property, may think that all Realtors are similar to the one that helped them purchase their home. But this is not always the case some Realtors work with both buyers and sellers, but others specialize with buyers and others with sellers.

The real job of a sellers agent / Realtor is to market your home to other Realtors, and not to home buyers. After all the chances are that the person who ends up buying your home will be working with a Realtor, and the Realtor will be the one identifying potential homes for the buyer.

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