Home Selling Advice - Marketing Your Home to Homebuyers

How your Realtor will market your home, and what actually works.

The Purpose of Advertising in General

All people who are selling their home want or need to be reassured that their Realtor or Brokerage will advertise their home in local newspapers and other real estate publications. While most Realtors do this, the fact is that this form of advertising will probably not sell your home. It is far more likely that the adverts will generate telephone calls that may generate more business for the Realtor but the odds are slim that one of those inquiries will sell your home.

A far more efficient means of advertising is the Internet. The vast majority of buyers use the Internet to either directly (search the MLS themselves) or indirectly (have their Realtor send them listings that meet their requirements) locate their next home. Thats one of the reasons that FSBO's find it difficult to sell their home or at least obtain the best price.

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