Home Selling Advice - Realtor Lockbox

What is a lockbox, how do they work and should you have one.

Adding a Lockbox for Realtor Access

A Lockbox allows Realtors to gain access to your home. They are basically an electronic padlock with a key inside them. Realtors open a lockbox by entering their personal code on a PIN device. Every-time a lockbox is opened information is stored regarding when it was opened and who opened it. This protects the owner of the property in case of abuse. If a Realtor's PIN device is stolen and someone tries to use it, if they enter an incorrect PIN more than 3 times the device will lock.

If you don't have a lockbox installed every-time another real estate agent wants to show your property, someone must be present at the home to allow entry.  The listing contract will specify if you allow a lockbox or not.

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