Home Selling Advice - Depersonalize your House

Not everyone wants to see your family photo's, why you might want to depersonalize your home when you put it on the market.

Depersonalize your Home

When potential buyers are viewing your home they have to visualize how they want it, if your home is cluttered with personal belongings then this becomes more difficult, they really need a blank canvas. If order to help the buyer, you need to remove the items that are interfering with the home buyers imagination, so get rid of personal photos of the family, sets/collections of objects, trophies (including the stuffed animal variety). When you do remove the items make sure you don't mess up you house with lots of boxes, ask a friend if you can store the boxes at their house or put them into self-storage.

Look on the bright side at least you are starting the packing process early and it will mean less packing is required when you do sell.

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