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Discount listings and why they may not be such a good deal.

Discount Listing Commissions

With the introduction of the internet, a number of Realtors have started to offer discount or cut rate commissions. Before you accept one of these offers it is worth noting that most of these come with a reduced level of service. They will usually advertise a low commission rate to get you in the door, and then when they speak to you they will try and up-sell their services and of commission their commision rate. If you want a limited service then this option maybe for you, on the other hand if you want a Realtor who will promote your property through advertising etc then this may not be the service for you.

Another mechanisum commissions offering lower commisions is when Realtor offers a lower level of commission if you buy your next property through them.

So be careful to check what you are getting for you money, ask lots of questions and think carefully before accepting a cut rate commission deal.

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