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Why you might want to consider getting a home inspection before listing your property for sale.

Home Inspections for Sellers

Everyone knows that when you buy a home you should get a home inspection, but what if you are selling your home?

There are some advantages of getting a home inspection before you put your home on the market, particularly if its an older home. When you get the home inspection report you will be provided with a list things that are potential problems. If some of these can be simply fixed before the home goes on the market, this will mean that there will be fewer things that come up on the buyers inspection, and so less chance that they will cancel the contract.

Some items may come up that are not actually problems. For example, the inspector may suggest that the roof is nearing the end of its life and that a roof inspection be performed. If you can perform this roof inspection before hand, then you will know if there is really a problem. Another example could be that the inspector finds termite damage. You can then ask a pest control person to come out and check to see if this is old damage and so not a problem or if the terminates are still active.

So to some up it may well be worth purchasing a home inspection if you are selling an older home, it could make the sales process go much more smoothly.

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