Home Buying Advice - Writing an Offer to Purchase Real Estate

What forms part of an offer to purchase an house or home.

Writing an Offer to Purchase Real Estate

OK so you have found your ideal home now you need to write an offer. This is the first of many stages involved in a real estate purchase. In addition to the price also Included in the offer are:

  • Contingencies (for example, based on a home inspection, loan qualification etc.) and terms for cancellation designed to protect both the buyer and seller.
  • Details on how you will pay / finance the purchase. For example, conventional loan, VA, FHA, who pays closing costs, amount of deposit.
  • Details on which inspections you want, foe example, home inspection, roof inspection, radon inspection etc.
  • Details of any repairs you want completed before completion.
  • Details on the timing for the purchase, this includes deadlines for appraisals, inspections and when you want to complete.

Not all of these appear in the original contract, for example, repairs may not be added until after the home inspection has been performed.

You can see that this is not has simple has you first thought and is one of the main reasons you should use a Realtor who knows what they are doing and will protect your interests.

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