Home Buying Advice for the Salt Lake City Market

When you buy a home you are making one of the biggest investments that you will make in your lifetime. Not only are you selecting the residence you will live in, and the house where you are going bring up your children, you are also investing a large amount of money, in fact it is probably the biggest investment you will ever make.

Home Buyer Advice

The better prepared you are from the start, the easier the home buying process will be. The aim of this section is to provide you with comprehensive information in order to assist you in making decisions throughout your real estate buying process. Remember, if you have any concerns or questions regarding the home buying process in the Salt Lake City real estate market, I´m only a email or telephone call away!

Tips on Finances

Finding Your Ideal Home

Benefits of Owning Your Own Home

Don't Do These Before Applying for a Loan

Major Purchases Before you Apply for a Loan

Buying a Home and the Economic Cycle

Determining What Your Offer Price Will Be

Major Items that may Influence your Offer Price

The Real Estate Purchase Business Cycle

How your Realtor Provides Safeguards

Types of Financing and Your Offer

FHA and VA Financing

Selecting Third Party Service Providers

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