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Capitol Hill is a district of Salt Lake City that sits on the north bench overlooking downtown SLC and is home to the Utah State Capitol.

Capitol Hill Overview / History

Located on Salt Lake's North Bench overlooking downtown Salt Lake City, to the west of City Creek Canyon and to the east of the Marmalade District (which is actually part of Capitol Hill) is the Capitol Hill neighborhood. The area gets its name from the Utah State Capitol which is located centrally within the neighborhood.

As one of the first areas settled by Mormons the area is home to many historic buildings. It contains a wide variety of historic buildings featuring many architectural styles including, Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Classical Revival, Queen Anne Style, Tudor Revival, and Victorian Eclectic . In 1980 it was nominated as an Historic District to the National Register of Historic Places.

Today you can find homes of all types, sizes and price ranges. Most of the homes are older, but further up the hill in the Ensign Downs area you can find some more recently built properties.

Capitol Hill Map Salt Lake City

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